Create AWS IAM Account

When you first sign-up for Amazon AWS, you start out with zero Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and groups:

You will want to create at least one IAM user account. It is used to give fine-grain control to your users. For full details, refer to

  1. Click on Users link from the IAM Management Console
  2. Click the Add user button
  3. Specify user name
  4. If you are going to be using APIs and development tools, click Programmatic Access type
  5. Set permissions
  6. Add user to a group(s)
  7. Add tags (such as job title, email address)
  8. Review it, then save
  9. Store the generated Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in a safe place–you will need it to login to AWS when using APIs and development tools

And that’s it.

Once you have one, you can login with that IAM account in development tools like Visual Studio.

I created an IAM account as I will need it to explore something in AWS that a friend requested. I’ll use it in the next few days to test AWS out.

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