Visual Studio 2019 is out

Visual Studio 2019 came out on April 2. And I’ll say I’m excited about the new features in the new VS 2019. Especially the new Live Share feature.

If your does pair-programming, code/peer reviews, this Live Share should come in handy.

When you download VS 2019 installer from, the setup downloader, it’s only 1.2MB.

I picked the following options on the setup screen:

  • ASP.NET and web development (core templates I use)
  • Python development (need to get up to speed on this)
  • Azure development
  • Node.js development
  • .NET desktop development ( still need to build console apps from time to time)
  • Data storage and processing
  • Data science and analytical applications
  • Office/SharePoint development
  • .NET Core cross-platform development (to use Containers, Docker…)

All these selected options requiring almost 9GB of disk space

Get coffee, popcorn or something when you install this. Because even with a fiber internet from Fios and 4-core CPU and 32GB ram, it still took about 30 minutes to finish installation.

Another option when you install this: fire up the install, logout and go to sleep.

I was in the middle of a SharePoint migration–you know how those site collection upgrades can take some time anyway–I thought I’d go ahead install VS2019 while the SP migration is cooking.

First impression (about 5 minutes quick exploration after setup completed):

  • seem faster to load
  • honors/keeps my VS 2017 settings–it feels just like my 2017 configuration
  • Azure DevOps/ authentication preserved
  • Workspaces intact and didn’t have to recreate

I’m going to explore it some more, starting tomorrow.

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