spdeveloper.net 2019 reboot

It’s been years since this blog has posted anything new.

It’s been years…so what…it’s still alive.

You know those movies that we watched when we were younger and they come back—Transformers, The Equalizer, Jumanji, etc.? Reboots.

I’m resuming this blog. It’s a sort of reboot.

Around 2014, things got hectic with the life as a consultant. I could not allocate time and energy to continue creating posts. Things got busy.

Then, as I progressed through the years as consultant/tech-lead, I noticed something. I keep finding myself repeating explaining technical solutions, workarounds, and fixes to issues. Not every day or even every week, but enough times to ask myself “did I not just answer this question not long ago?”

I checked my email history. Similar technical questions. Similar technical responses from me. Heck, even the screenshots and annotations are repetitive. Could be same clients. Sometimes, different clients, but still, similar questions and responses.

So, I started documenting because it’s hard being asked questions all the time. I want to share knowledge, but being repetitive is not the way to go. The more I documented things that get asked of me, I just found it regular to document anythingOneNote is great.

After all that note-taking, might as well go back to documenting in this, my original blog.

This started as a SharePoint blog back in 2009. From what I recalled, a lot of SharePoint aficionados had their own technical blog of sort. 2009 was the birth of this blog.

Back to present day…

I am going to write anything I feel like documenting or commenting on, which means my topics will diversify beyond SharePoint and .NET. But, I am keeping the web address/domain of spdeveloper.netanyway. The original site title was “Gabe Hilado’s SharePoint Blog”—it’s now “Gabe Hilado’s Tech Blog”.

I’ll post stuff that I think that could be of value in the name of technical discussions.

Restart the brain dump and keep it going…

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