You can’t create Web Applications in Central Admin even if you are Farm Admin

Situation: you finished installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7. You have ran the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard. You are finally inside Central Administration 2010 and was surprised that creating new Web Applications is disabled:


What the heck?? You thought you were admin! You check the Farm Administrators list and your account is there. So, what gives??

Windows User-Access-Control is getting in the way. Although your account is Farm admin, because of UAC, you’re still not permitted to do stuff in Central Admin like create new Web apps. The fix? Disable UAC and reboot Windows. After reboot, you should be able to create new Web apps:


Caution: after you have created your Web apps and Site collections in Central Admin, turn on the UAC again and reboot. Turning off UAC for good is not recommended even if it’s annoying.  If you permanently turn off UAC, malware might have a chance to install in your PC (you are admin, no prompts for system mods—yikes!!)

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